Episode 1: Respect is NOT a CommodityListen now | Our topic this week on The Progressive Leader is focused on the first of the REAL Values: Respect. In this podcast, I go off on a little…
A good starting point for any leader
Let’s knock the mythical leaders off their pedestals
Episode 11: Early Birds SuckListen now (17 min) | There's no specific virtue in getting up before the sun!
Bogus arguments and false comparisons
Episode 14: The Main CharacterListen now (9 min) | All the world's a stage. What role do YOU play?
It's time to embrace radical acceptance!
Being open-minded is hard work
Consider the consequences of your actions
Imaginary impact analysis
Create the right mindset and the sky’s the limit!
Learning to EmpowerListen now (21 min) | How 'bout we take it one step at a time?