Feb 4, 2022 • 9M

Episode 14: The Main Character

All the world's a stage. What role do YOU play?

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Explore what it takes to become a relaxed leader, so you can experience tremendous success without burning out.
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So much of what we do, how we act, and how we react to everything that happens in our lives, comes from our understanding of where we fit into the story. Do we see ourselves as supporting cast? As an extra, just hanging around to complete the overall scene? Maybe even the villain? Or do we make the mistake that too many stressed-out leaders make, and assume that we’re the main character?

As Relaxed Leaders, we should believe that we are not the main character. It’s not all on us and it’s certainly not all about us; but we can still play a pivotal role. We’ll have our exits and entrances, and we’ll play lots of different parts. The key is to remember that even though we can only see the stage from our perspective, the action isn’t always revolving around us. And it doesn’t need to.

Listen to this episode of The Relaxed Leader podcast to learn why thinking of yourself as the “main character” is selfish, detrimental to those around you, and disastrous for you as both a person and as a leader!