The Relaxed Leader
The Relaxed Leader
Learning to Empower

Learning to Empower

How 'bout we take it one step at a time?

For years, “empowerment” has been a popular buzzword among senior managers and executives. Oh, they love to talk about it and pontificate on how important it is and blah blah blah. But then they turn around and undermine it, creating an environment where true empowerment is avoided like the plague.

In organizations like that, those of us who strive to be Relaxed Leaders have to answer a couple questions. How do we start truly empowering people if our senior leadership doesn’t really seem to support it? What can a first-line supervisor (or even a mid-level manager) do to promote empowerment when the organization is risk-averse and incentivizes the opposite behavior?

One of the best places to begin is by getting very good at effective delegation. And trust me when I say that most people don’t really understand it and definitely aren’t very good at it!

Listen to this episode of The Relaxed Leader podcast to hear why effective delegation is the foundation for empowerment and then learn The Six Steps of Highly Effective Delegation!

The Relaxed Leader
The Relaxed Leader
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