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The Relaxed Leader
Episode 9: Have a Growth Mindset

Episode 9: Have a Growth Mindset

Argue for your limitations and, sure enough, they’re yours!
Cover image for the Relaxed Leader Podcast, episode 9, titled "Have a Growth Mindset"

Relaxed Leaders aren’t stressed because we aren’t standing still – we need to make progress. We need to move ahead and help everyone else do the same – but we can’t do that well unless we cultivate a true “growth mindset.”

We need to look for challenges that’ll push us beyond the edges of our comfort zones and we must be confident that we’re capable of so much more than we’re doing today. With a “growth mindset,” we’ll create aspirational – and inspirational – visions that will propel us towards a better future. We’ll think BIG, act SMALL, and move QUICKLY, to keep driving towards that vision no matter what it takes because we know that even if we can’t do it today, it just means we haven’t mastered it yet.

To learn more about goal-setting, check out these two blog posts:


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The Relaxed Leader
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