Jun 13, 2021 • 16M

Episode 10: Habit Meta Habit

Develop the habit of monitoring and improving habits!

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Explore what it takes to become a relaxed leader, so you can experience tremendous success without burning out.
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Podcast cover art with the text, "The Habit Meta Habit"

One critical factor in all of the various areas of self-improvement and personal development is the ability to change or eliminate existing habits and create new habits designed to support your improvement and development goals.

The most important habit you can develop is the habit of monitoring and improving your habits. You’ll get better by developing the habit of studying the things you're doing in order to actually get better.

Develop the habit of working on your habits and you’ll have a skill that will help you throughout all aspects of your life.

It’s the habit meta habit and it’s a very powerful tool for any Relaxed Leader!