The Relaxed Leader
The Relaxed Leader
Episode 11: Early Birds Suck

Episode 11: Early Birds Suck

There's no specific virtue in getting up before the sun!
Podcast cover art with the text, "Early Birds SUCK!"

A few years ago, I read all about the wonders of rising early – about all the AMAZING things you can accomplish if you get out of bed while most of humanity is still drooling on their pillows – and I bought into it.

You can’t blame me. There are countless people online raving about the life-changing impact of getting up before the sun. I figured I’d be up at 5 AM takin’ care of business, sipping coffee while unicorns were farting rainbows as the sun was rising and the birds were singing Bachman Turner Overdrive on my windowsill! WooHoo!

Well, I sure wish I could get a refund on all the time I wasted trying to become an “early riser.” After all was said and done, I finally came to the realization that Relaxed Leaders don’t need watch the sunrise and, frankly, EARLY BIRDS SUCK!

The Relaxed Leader
The Relaxed Leader
Explore what it takes to become a relaxed leader, so you can experience tremendous success without burning out.
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