Effective delegation creates the foundation for empowerment!

February 2022

Learning to EmpowerListen now (21 min) | How 'bout we take it one step at a time?
Let’s knock the mythical leaders off their pedestals
The second step in the RELAX Leadership Formula
Episode 14: The Main CharacterListen now (9 min) | All the world's a stage. What role do YOU play?
After years of frustration, I gave up on managing my time!

January 2022

Episode 13: Don't Dwell on the PastListen now (15 min) | Reviewing & Reflecting is more than “rehashing”
You get more of what you celebrate and reward!
Stay on track with regular focus!
The first step in the RELAX Leadership Formula

December 2021

It’s time to pivot and get back to work!

August 2021

Honestly, you can accomplish more with less stress