The Relaxed Leader
The Relaxed Leader
Episode 5: Authority Façade

Episode 5: Authority Façade

Looks can be VERY deceiving!

Look Beneath the Veneer!

Relaxed Leaders aren’t out to simply prove that someone else is wrong. They’re not simply out to cast doubt upon someone else’s conclusions either. Relaxed Leaders are trying to understand a broad range of perspectives and are striving to consider as much pertinent, reliable data as possible.

However, there are common traps and pitfalls we definitely have to avoid – and one in particular is creating the illusion of authority. People have done it for years and it’s only getting worse with the availability of so much unverifiable “information” on the internet. It’s not easy asking all the questions necessary to validate the information we’ve found to support a position we’ve taken… but it’s something we have to do. If not, then we’re guilty of creating an Authority Façade.

In this episode, I explain the concept of Authority Façades, show you how to recognize them, give you some ways to confront them, and encourage you to never use them yourself. In order to make progress – to move ahead – we need to keep our eyes, ears, and MINDS open.

Avoiding the trap of the Authority Façade is a big step in the right direction.


The Relaxed Leader
The Relaxed Leader
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