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The Relaxed Leader
Episode 2: Winning an Argument

Episode 2: Winning an Argument

Tuesday Tangent

(Yes, I know it’s technically Wednesday morning as I’m posting this… but life happens!)

Our topic this week on The Relaxed Leader is focused on the second REAL Value: Engage. However, in this podcast, I riff on “ad hominem” attacks and other commonly used irrelevant arguments. This might seem waaay off topic but it has a lot to do with truly understanding how to engage in dialog with difficult people (or at least people who are being difficult).

This episode might also seem a bit esoteric – but I firmly believe that every Relaxed Leader should have at least a basic understanding of how people abuse logic every day – and we should have some idea of how to deal with it when they do.

If you haven’t read the Monday Masterclass on what it means to ENGAGE, then I definitely encourage you to check it out.

But in the meantime, I hope you enjoy this episode of the Relaxed Leader Podcast as I share some thoughts on how we can more effectively engage with others in productive debates by redefining what it means to “win” an argument.

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