Mar 21, 2021 • 13M

Episode 6: Lead with Strengths

Don’t waste time on your weaknesses!

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Explore what it takes to become a relaxed leader, so you can experience tremendous success without burning out.
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The best leaders I’ve known in my career understand that they’ll always have to deal with strengths and weaknesses. And even though all the folks I’ve ever interviewed have tried to share a “weakness” that sounds suspiciously like a strength, the fact is that EVERYONE has both strengths and weaknesses.

The best leaders know how to deal with this reality… and it doesn’t necessarily involve focusing on weaknesses, whether they’re weaknesses at the individual level or with the team. In fact, spending too much time on weaknesses is actually a bad thing and will put you well on your way to mediocrity.

In this episode, I’ll tell what Relaxed Leaders need to do instead!