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Episode 7: Measuring Respect

Episode 7: Measuring Respect

It's an internal metric, not a way to judge others
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As I explained in the very first episode of The Relaxed Leader Podcast, “respect” is not a commodity. It’s not something we demand or expect from others. It’s not something we earn, collect, and then use as leverage to get favors or preferential treatment. And it’s definitely not supposed to be used as a tool for us to judge and condemn others.

If someone accuses another person of being disrespectful, what they’re doing is passing judgment publicly, which is all about painting themselves as the victim and the other person as the villain. And when they hold up my article on Respect as proof that the other person is a horrible person, then they’ve twisted one of my REAL Values and weaponized it. Definitely NOT cool.

So check out this episode because I’ve got a LOT more to say on the subject!

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